I didn’t know what to really except flying into Utah, I knew that there would be mountains. But I wasn’t sure of how different they would be from any in Colorado. The next few days I had in Utah I wanted to try to get the best shots I could. That day we headed up to Big Cottonwood Canyon.

The lighting was so harsh, I didn’t get anything I really liked. We were then planing on going out to catch the sunset and also stay out for stars. We weren’t in the best place to get the sunset but I tried my best. 

Stars worked out a lot better. 

Next day we decided to drive up to silver lake and put up some hammocks and chill out. 

The view from silver lake wasn’t bad at all. 

Getting to witness sunsets and stars in Utah was great for the short time I was there. 

Leaving from Utah we were off to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. 

Grand Tetons, Wyoming

So many people told me how amazing and pointy the Grand Tetons were. I was super excited to see them in person. Driving through Wyoming wasn’t anything special, but I did enjoy it.  We made one stop, we saw these horses with some mountains right behind them and had to get a couple photos.

First look I got of The Tetons were mind blowing, everybody that told me how amazing they were, were right. I was super pumped to be in the park. 

First place we stopped was atop a huge mountain, Signal Mountain. Not only did we get an amazing view of the Tetons, we also got very good cell service, which is pretty ironic as the name is “Signal Mountain”.

We were then off to get camp set up and cook some dinner, we put up the two tents and all the hammocks. 

We relaxed for a couple hours then we planning on heading out to get sunset at a nearby lake inside the park. 

Every 5 seconds I wanted to stop and take some photos, everywhere in the park was beautiful. 

We got to Jenny Lake about an hour before sunset, perfect light to take some photos of the peaks of the mountains. Earlier that day we were having a hard time due to how harsh the light was. I tell people usually the best light is 15 minutes before and after sunrise/sunset. 

Watching the sunset was unreal, it kept getting better and better. The colors would get more vibrant as time went on. 

I was planning on shooting the stars that night but it never happened once I got all comfy inside my tent I wasn’t getting out due to how tired I was from being in the car all morning. Now that I didn’t shoot them I highly regret not going. 

Tomorrow morning we head to Crater Lake, Oregon for one night! 

Crater Lake, Oregon

As we were driving to Crater lake we kept checking the forecast, it said it was only 65 degrees and that was the middle of the day. It was supposed to get down to 35 degrees that night. Driving to Crater Lake from Grand Tetons wasn’t too exciting, actually pretty boring. We had to drive through Idaho. It was a lot of flat land. We stopped a couple times to get out to stretch and I decided to take some photos. 

The closer we got to Crater lake the more pine trees and mountains we saw. I kept getting more and more excited.

It was a pretty big drive up to the lake from the entrance of the park. We pulled into the first parking lot that we saw to see the lake. You weren’t able to see the lake from where you had to park so we had to get out and climb up a small hill. The first look was insane. It was a massive lake, with a volcano right in the middle. Crater Lake! 

We then just ran around and tried to get the best shots we could. Always my favorite, when you are able to go anywhere you can to take photos of such an epic place.

As the night got later and later the light kept getting better. I knew it was going to be an epic sunset.

Finally it was dark and very very cold. Due to us shooting the whole time when didn’t plan on anywhere to stay for the night. It wasn’t a big deal because I was super excited to shoot the milky way. Crater Lake is one of the darkest places in the United States. I knew I wouldn’t miss that. We drove to the Crater Lake Lodge to find some warmth and hang out until it got darker. 

From the back door of the lodge you could get an amazing shot of the milky way. It was the craziest thing I had ever seen. You could see it, very vibrant with your eyes. 

We were then off to try to find the best place to get the milky way over the lake. I would say we did pretty good to were we choose to park. 

The darker it got the more you could see the milky way. I was freezing but I knew it was so worth it. 

Hunter and I stayed out for a couple hours running around to get the best angles. The night just kept getting better and better. As we were walking back to the car we noticed some very colorful stars right above the road. It was the northern lights! I couldn’t belive it. You could see it very well, you could also see the aurora’s moving.

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