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  1. Grand Tetons, Wyoming

    So many people told me how amazing and pointy the Grand Tetons were. I was super excited to see them in person. Driving through Wyoming wasn’t anything special, but I did enjoy it.  We made one stop, we saw these horses with some mountains right behind them and had to…

  2. Crater Lake, Oregon

    As we were driving to Crater lake we kept checking the forecast, it said it was only 65 degrees and that was the middle of the day. It was supposed to get down to 35 degrees that night. Driving to Crater Lake from Grand Tetons wasn’t too exciting, actually pretty…

  3. Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

    I was so ready to see the super mossy forests of Oregon. Columbia River Gorge had hundreds of water falls. Not only water falls, but beautiful trails to hike on. Just driving through the Gorge it was unreal.  With all the trees and plants towering on each side of the…

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