I didn’t know what to really except flying into Utah, I knew that there would be mountains. But I wasn’t sure of how different they would be from any in Colorado. The next few days I had in Utah I wanted to try to get the best shots I could. That day we headed up to Big Cottonwood Canyon.

The lighting was so harsh, I didn’t get anything I really liked. We were then planing on going out to catch the sunset and also stay out for stars. We weren’t in the best place to get the sunset but I tried my best. 

Stars worked out a lot better. 

Next day we decided to drive up to silver lake and put up some hammocks and chill out. 

The view from silver lake wasn’t bad at all. 

Getting to witness sunsets and stars in Utah was great for the short time I was there. 

Leaving from Utah we were off to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.